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Jabra Solemate Giveaway

Happy Monday! It’s a new week and a fresh start to dominate your goals.  I had a busy weekend as always.  I took a half day from work on Friday and hit the gym around lunch.  We had to go to a funeral on Friday and then the rest of the weekend was spent at our rental properties fixing them up…as always.

Before we left to go to the houses on Saturday morning, I did a quick outdoor workout because it was beautiful out!  The workout was only about 10 minutes but hey…it’s better than nothing!

It was one of those random, decide what to do on the fly – type of workouts.

If you’re wondering what the blue box is next to me while I’m doing my pushups…well that thing is such a cool little gadget.  It’s called a Jabra Solemate.

It’s a portable bluetooth stereo that surprisingly has unbelievable sound quality.  My parents have a Bose stereo and I swear this sounded SO good I had to compare it to their Bose!

I brought it outside and played some tunes streamed from my iPhone while I worked out.  I hate working out without music, are you the same way?

The Jabra Solemate also comes with a little bag that you can put your Solemate in if you want to bring it to the beach.  It allows you to still hear the music but protect it from sand and water.  What a great idea!  I can see myself using this a lot when I move to Charleston, SC at the end of summer!!!


When my workout was over, I decided to bring my little sidekick with me to our worksite for music.  It was such a perfect sound system to have when we were painting.

We had to paint an entire 1700 ft house this weekend.  We didn’t finish yet but I think I’m over painting at this point haha.


Anyway…..now that I’ve introduced you to my new favorite on-the-go bluetooth stereo…I have a surprise for you :)

I’m giving away one of these Jabra Solemate speakers (Retail price is $150)!!!  Enter to win below!  Good luck!!


Jabra Portable Bluetooth Giveaway

Hover over this image to share on social media for an additional entry (one entry per share)!!!  Leave a comment below after you share it so I make sure I get your entry.  I’ll pick a winner next week!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!

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jabra solemate giveaway jabra solemate giveaway jabra solemate giveaway

Funny Gym Tweets

Everyone loves a good gym tweet!  Here are a few of my favorite gym tweets from this week!

funny gym tweets

This Is What Fast Feels Like – SpeedForm Sprint Workout

You know it’s going to be a good day when you get home and find a huge surprise package waiting for you at your doorstep from Finish Line.

This time it wasn’t just a pair of shoes…it was WAY,  WAY cooler.

It was a JET!!  With shoes IN IT.


How friggin’ cool, right?!?!  It was a huge blue jet with my shoes in it!  Talk about the best marketing EVER!!

I’ll have to say this was the first time I had shoes delivered to my doorstep by a jet.

Can you tell I’m excited about this haha.

After I took the shoes out, I found a super cute tee and pink keychain at the bottom of the jet.  Gosh I love surprises (Especially when they are so cute I can’t even handle it!)


Okay back to the shoes…

They are the Under Armour SpeedForm shoes in my favorite color combo!  Hot pink and a greenish/blueish color.


First impression…very attractive and LIGHT.


I was so excited to try them out so I hit the street and took my dogs for a walk.  Walking in them was great because they were so light.  So far, so good!

So the next day at lunch I put the shoes to the real test and wore them during one of my intense HIIT training sessions.  Well..they passed that test too.  They held up with my sprinting session on the treadmill and felt great.  It’s so nice to have shoes that are so light and feel like a glove on my foot.

I have some other shoes that are heavy and it makes those HIIT sessions much harder to get through.

I decided I’d share my HIIT workout with you guys so maybe you can try it too!

SpeedForm Sprint Treadmill Workout

Basically this is a 20 minute workout which includes a 5 minute warmup and a 7 min jog at the end.  That means you only have to sprint 8 times!

I like to do this type of training because it allows you to reach your maximum heart rate though the sprints.  Instead of resting after the sprints, I like to maintain a steady state jog to finish the workout so my heart rate never drops back to normal or gets that recovery at the end. This will allow you to kill some major calories and you should also be in a good fat burning state by the end of the workout so you can blast away fat too! BOOM!

If you try this workout, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know how you like my SpeedForm Sprint Workout.

As always, feel free to hover over the image to share it or challenge a friend to try it!

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A Little Bit Of Fit Humor