Don’t Pee Where You ZZzzZ

Happy Friday peeps!!! I wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday so I took it easy. Maybe it was all of the deep dish pizza I scarfed down on Valentine’s day. I took Wednesday off from working out but hit the gym hard again yesterday.

I trained chest, shoulders & triceps by doing Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Trainer Day 15 & Day 16. Here’s a look at what my training looked like:

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Dumbbell Bench Press: 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 45 45 45
Flat Bench Flyes: 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 10 10 10
Dumbbell Side Laterals: 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 5 5 5
Seated Barbell Press: 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 10 10 10
Triceps Pushdowns: 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 20 25 25
Lying Barbell Triceps Extensions: 2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 20 20 20

For some reason I can’t up my weight in most shoulder exercises. My shoulders are so stubborn and they still are burning after using 5lbs for 12 reps on side lateral raises. I feel like such a wimp! They need to grow! I’ve used 10 lbs before for this but I can only get a couple reps and then it just goes to bad form. I’d rather use lower weights and do the exercise slowly and with good form.

After weight training, I completed my 5-6-8 cardio workout on the treadmill. I was dripping with sweat when I got to the locker room. It was awesome. I loved this cardio routine. The half hour flew by too :)

For dinner, I grabbed some good ol’ Subway and made myself a protein shake. If you have never tried Subway’s Chipotle Chicken sandwich on flatbread…YOU SHOULD. It’s so so so so good!

On another note…my puppy doberman is now 16 weeks and she’s still going to the bathroom in her crate at night and when we’re at work. Everyone says that puppy’s don’t like to sh*! where they eat and sleep but apparently she loves it. hah just kidding but she keeps doing it and I can’t get her to stop!

I haven’t posted many pics of Mya lately, so here she is.  Growing up so quickly right before my eyes!  Now if only she would stop crapping in her cage!!!!!!

Anyone have any ideas on how to potty train her? I tried a smaller crate and nothing seems to work!



My Smiling Doberman

At lunch I went and got another shellac manicure.  Can you say I’m obsessed?!?! The last one I had lasted me about 2 weeks without looking bad.  I love doing it as a french because when your nails do eventually start to grow out, you can’t notice it too much.  Let’s see if this shellac can brave the ocean and a 5 night cruise! 


Since I finished Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program, I’ve been continuing to do phase 3 workouts like I have been doing for the past 2 weeks.  I love the circuit training.  I just never get bored when sets are back to back with no rest in-between.

On Tuesday I did Back/Bis/Abs/Cardio and was at the gym for about an hour and 15 minutes.  I burned 692 calories.  I loved creating my own circuit for the first time.  Don’t get me wrong, Jamie’s plan was amazing, but now I feel like I’m educated enough to know how to put a good pump together!

Yesterday I lifted Legs.  I did 7 exercises with 2 of them being a superset (leg extensions + jumping lunges).  I got a good sweat on and then did 20 minutes of cardio.  Usually when you lift legs you don’t do cardio..but I know my cruise is coming up in T-2 days so I thought I should tough it out.

Today I think I’ll lift Chest/Tris/Abs and then do Shoulders & longer cardio tomorrow.

Making my own plan for lifting is kinda fun! Wow …I’ve become a whole other type of nerd I never knew I could be!

In other news…..

Max is warming up to Mya….



NOT.  Well he’s getting better about her.  He doesn’t get as annoyed with her anymore..until she tries to go near his food.  He “smiles” at her..as I like to call it.  He likes to show his pearly whites to her and let her know who’s boss.

Last night was Ryan and I’s 4 year anniversary! Wow how time flies.  We are going on the cruise to celebrate so we didn’t want to do much.  We ended up going to Panera for dinner.  How fancy are we!?!? Then we picked up a redbox movie.  We rented Midnight in Paris thinking it would be cute because Owen Wilson was in it….FAIL.  Terrible freakin movie.  Don’t do it, unless you know everything about the 1920′s and famous writers. 

Midnight in Paris Poster

For tonight, I need to go to the gym, clean the crapoli outta my house because my boyfriend’s parents come over tonight, and try to find some summer clothes that FIT that can come on the cruise with me.  I am worried everything will be too big on me now that I’ve lost some weight.  I can’t complain though…that’s a good problem to have I think. 

I’ll just wear my bikini the whole time on vaca.  Works for me!

101 in 1001 goals completed:

  • 83. Get 6 manicures (2/6)


An Hour Of Cardio

Good morning and happy Monday not so fun-day.  I hope you had a great weekend.  I had a pretty decent weekend.  We stayed in on Friday and just relaxed.  On Saturday ,we had my bf’s parents stay with us and we went out for dinner.  Since I’ve been on my new kick to try new things…I even ordered FISH off the menu for the first time ever.  I got some kinda southwest tilapia and it was really good! I also tried some southwestern shrimp (not a huge fan) and some lobster for the first time ever.  I know…who has never tried lobster before…right?  I liked the lobster..but that my have been because it was drowned in butter.  It was good though! Yay for me and trying new things!

My little Mya is growing up quickly.  She’s getting bigger every day.


On Sunday we watched Tim Tebow WIN!!!!!!!! Gosh I love this guy!!  Next week they play the Patriots and that won’t be so pretty.  I’m just happy for Tim Tebow to prove himself to all the haters out there.  Good job Timmy!

Actually…Tim…if you could please make it to the superbowl (which is in Indianapolis), then we can finally hang out like we’ve always wanted to ;)  I’ll even show you around town.  haha a girl can wish, can’t she!?

I also made a trip to Target this weekend because all the Christmas stuff was 90% off.  The crazy coupon lady in me came out and I got all of the stuff below for less than $10! I’ll thank myself next year. 


After that, I took down all the Christmas decorations in the house.  Now it looks boring and bare in my house.  I wish Xmas decor could stay all year :(

As for my Saturday workout, I completed Day 76 – Cardio.  This is the first day in the entire 3 months that is JUST cardio and no weight training.  The plan calls for doing an hour of cardio – your choice.

I decided that an hour is entirely too long to do on one machine, so I split it up.

I did 20 minutes on some elliptical/stairmaster type machine, 20 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the bike and then 20 more minutes on the treadmill.  In total, I did 70 min of cardio.

The reason I only did the bike for 10 minutes is because I can never get my heart rate up high enough on the bike.  I don’t know if it’s because only my legs are moving and it’s not a full body workout, but my heart rate always stays in the 150′s.  With everything else, I can always keep it around the 170s.

Afterwards I threw in a quick ab workout.

My workout lasted1:34 and I burned 934 calories.


As for this week…I have one week left on Jamie Eason’s plan until I’m offiicially DONE with it!! That’s only 6 more workouts!!  Holy crap I never thought that day would come!

101 in 1001 goals completed:

  • 4.  Try 25 new foods (5/25)

Have a good Monday, folks!