My New Favorite Running Shoes

I'm so so so excited I've found some shoes that I absolutely LOVE! Sorry for so many pictures, but these are my new babies!


I recently partnered up with Finish Line and got to try out some new Nike running shoes.


My package came in the mail this week.  I'm not sure what I like more now...the blue Tiffany's box or the orange Nike box!! Seriously I get so excited when I see that bright orange box!  I think it's safe to say I'm a gym shoe addict!

I chose an all white/grey shoe because I have nothing like it.  All my shoes are colors and I needed to add some all white ones to the mix.  I hope they aren't too hard to keep clean.  My plan is to keep them as gym shoes outdoor running in them.

I want them to be bright white for as long as possible.


They are the 2013 Nike AirMax+.

A little about the shoe....

"The Flywire thread that is located in strategic parts of the upper help minimize weight to the shoe and increase support. The thread is made of nylon (or Vectran), which is thinner than human hair, and it allows for better adaptive-ness to help prevent the foot from slipping around. Plus the outer mesh material on the upper allows for ventilation so your feet can breath." (Source)

They also have Nike Plus (Nike+) which you should know I'm a huge fan of.  Anything that will help me track my workouts is a win in my book!

They were so frickin comfortable and fit my foot like a glove.  I lifted shoulders/back/bis&tris but couldn't stop admiring them 🙂  Yep..I'm ridiculous..I know!


Upper Body Workout

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press - I'm using 25s and can do 3 sets of about 10, 8, 6 reps.  I'm getting stronger!
  • Assisted pull ups - I've been dreaming of the day I can do an unassisted pull up so I try to jump up with no assistance and hold my arms at 90 degrees for as long as I can and then drop down slowly into a negative...but that hold doesn't last long.  SOMEDAY I'll be able to do an unassisted one....but it's going to take a lot of work!
  • Dips - I always try to do unassisted dips first with just body weight.  I can do about 3 unassisted right now but they aren't perfect form yet.  After I do as many as I can unassisted, I hop over to the assisted machine and do about 10 more or until failure.
  • Reverse Grip lat pull-downs - 75lbs
  • Lateral Raises


I did about 3 sets of the above exercises then moved onto cardio.

I hopped on the treadmill and did 10 minutes total.  I set the speed to 3mph and my incline to 15%.  I walked at an incline for about 5 minutes and then did 3 sprints in the last 5 minutes.

Sprints -

  • Incline 15% speed 5 for 45 seconds
  • Incline 15% speed 5.5 for 45 seconds
  • Incline 15% speed 7 for 30 seconds

Sprinting at a 15% incline is NOT easy!  It was a great workout though and I can still feel it in my glutes today!  After my incline treadmill session, I did 10 more minutes on the stair-master.

Overall it was a fantastic workout.  It took just over an hour and I got in my strength training, cardio AND I had on my new favorite pair of shoes!

What is it about always having the best workouts when you are wearing a new article of clothing or shoes?  It always happens!!!


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