Is This The End Of Oxygen Magazine?

Oh my gosh, this could be one of the most sad days of my life.  I just heard the news that Oxygen magazine is declaring bankruptcy and isn't releasing any more issues.  WOW.  I knew after the passing of Robert Kennedy, it would be different, but I had no idea it would be the approaching the end.


Bill Geiger was recently appointed editor-in-chief of Oxygen and was editor-in-chief of Muscle Mag International. He shared via his Facebook page, “Can usa/Robert Kennedy Pubs which produces MuscleMag and Oxygen has gone out of business. Closed its doors. It was great working all the great people on staff and athletes out there. Hope I land on my feet.”

I'm so sad!  Oxygen is the only magazine I subscribe to and know SO many women who also do the same.  It has always motivated me every month and my dream has always been to be IN the magazine.  I am so bummed.  I hope something happens and I find out this was just a big rumor and it's not true!!!

What are your thoughts on this?  Did you see it coming or are you as shocked as I am?


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  1. Beks says

    No! It’s the best fitness magazine out there! It’s so much more informative and less fluffy than other magazines! :’-(

  2. Brittany@Proteinandpumps says

    Oh no!!! Tosca wrote a blog a while back about struggling with financial issues after Roberts passing so can’t say I’m shocked. But definitely disappointed. Oxygen is my favorite magazine and the only one I subscribe to as well : (

  3. T says

    Can’t say I’m surprised .. So tired of looking at starved plastic women plastered on magazines.. As a former fitness competitor I can attest to the fact that the lifestyle is far from healthy.

    • Diana says

      This comment is so full of shit!. Starved plastic woman…..couldn’t be ANY further from the truth. Those woman looked great and I know first hand that they felt wonderful and couldn’t be any healthier. Whoever wrote this comment just couldn’t keep up with the game! Sorry that you lost your will for the fitness challenge. It’s a battle.

      • Cathy says

        THANK YOU DIANA! “Starved plastic women”??? It’s obvious she hasn’t really seen the covers or read an article in Oxygen. It was the BEST fitness magazine out there for women, and I too am very sad they couldn’t make a go of it any longer.

  4. Jody - Fit at 55 says

    I was tweeting & Instagramming about this over the weekend. I have read this magazine since the early 1990’s & as a 55 year old women, this was the one mag that embraced us – I AM DEVASTATED!!!

  5. Heidi Scott says

    Can we still get old copies of magazines of Oxygen???Sad for the loss of this great fitness magazine:(:( Thanks Heidi

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