I’m Officially A Savage Girl!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me! Not only did did my blog get recognized by fitnessmagazine.com as a nominee for a 2012 Healthy Living Blog. VOTE FOR ME HERE!  I'm so excited to have my name listed on such a popular magazine's website!!

I also got my stitches out finally! Even though the process of getting the stitches taken out was a total pain in the butt, I'm glad they are out.  I tried to go to the ER at lunch and it was insanely busy. I wasted an hour of my life waiting there until I had to go back to work.  I had to go back to the ER at night in hopes that the line was shorter. Luckily one of the nurses remembered me from earlier and snuck me in front of the line. The nurse ripped my stitches out (literally..it kinda hurt) and then I was on my way.  I still have to keep it bandaged up though because it's not fully healed. 

Now......Even though the above two things were SUPER exciting for me, the most exciting part of my day yesterday was that I joined Cathy Savage Fitness!!!! I'm so excited to be a Savage Girl. I know a while ago I was debating on joining a team, and I finally decided to just go for it.

Here's a picture I found of the team in Vegas.  I hope my schedule works out so I can join them in Vegas this year!

Team Savage in Vegas

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If you don't know what Team Savage is, it's basically a team of girls and coaches throughout the country. When you sign up, you get assigned a coach and based on your pictures and goals they will create a custom nutrition and workout plan. I love it because it's based on your personal body. What I love the most is that you have a "savage sisterhood" type bond with all the girls who have the same goals as you.  I've already met a ton of the girls and they are SUCH SWEETHEARTS!! I can't wait to see where this new adventure leads me :) 

I've only done one of the Savage workouts so far and it was a great!

Yesterday I lifted shoulders and back and then did 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I was at the gym for 1:11 and burned 580 calories!  I don't know what it is with me and spending either one hour and 11 minutes or 12 minutes at the gym. It always seems to end up that exact time!!!  That's kinda creepy!



I hope everyone is having a good week.  Don't forget to VOTE FOR ME!!! Thanks loves!

101 in 1001 goals completed:

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  1. Jennifer says

    Hi! I just found your blog today .. and LOVE it! Can I ask why you went with Cathy Savage? I am just at the beginning of my journey of transforming my bod and eventually preparing to complete in bikini comps .. have been researching online training/coaching for weeks now. So far narrowed it down to a few. CSF is one .. and Team Bombshell is another. Just curious if there were any specific reasons why you went with one rather than the other. For me, I want someone in the competition industry (which they both are) .. but $$ is also something I need to consider and watch right now too. CSF lists the prices online (and they are doable) .. I still need to fill out the app for Team Bombshell .. I guess that’s when they tell you the fees??


    • says

      Thank you! I went through the same decision … Savage or Bombshell. I got accepted on team bombshell but it was way more expensive. If I remember correctly it was like $125 a month. Im sure bombshell is a great team to be on but i have no experience with them. I went with team savage because it was better on my budget and I talked to a few savage girls before joining and they LOVED it. I love being a Savage girl too :) let me know what you decide.

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