30 Min 8-9mph HIIT Pyramid

Here is another HIIT training example I use.  In this HIIT training, I used a treadmill.  In this routine, I start off with a warm up walk at 3.7mph.  I then crank up the speed to 8mph.  I run for 30 seconds and then hop off the treadmill (one foot on each side) for the next 30.  As soon as I hop off, I change the speed either up or down .2mph. 

I will continue to go up or down on the speed until I either hit 8mph or 9mph.  In 30 minutes, I"m able to complete 2 rounds (from 8-9-8) and another half a round (from 8-9).  You will end this routine at 9mph as your last sprint, followed by a cool down walk at 3.7mph.

This is HIIT training which will leave you burning many more calories AFTER you're done with it than if you were to do steady state cardio for the same amount of time.

This workout is awesome and it really gets my heart rate up.  Give it a shot!!

Time: 30 min
Calories Burned: 312
Average Heart Rate: 162
Max Heart Rate: 179

(My phone died so I don't know the distance, however I'll do it again and post that soon)

If you do this workout, leave a post and let me know how it went!


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