Train Hard, Eat Hard

I had another incident of “train hard – eat hard” yesterday.  Ooops.  I’ll start by saying I had an intense cardio session for Week 2-Day 2 on Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Trainer.  I hopped on the treadmill and completed my 5-7-9 Pyramid workout on the treadmill and then followed it up with 10 minutes on the elliptical. 

My 5-7-9 treadmill workout was a 20 minute session and I logged 2.21 miles.  That’s a 9:03 average pace..not too bad for me!

Luckily the gym didn’t have that nasty stank like it did the day before due to the renovations.  There were still a ton of construction workers inside working, but apparently it wasn’t a painting day like it was on Tuesday.  Thank You!

After the gym I headed home and told the BF to choose where we would be going to dinner.  I should know better than that because he almost ALWAYS chooses a buffet.  This is where the “eat hard” segment comes into my night…

He chose to go to Old Country Buffet.  I have absolutly nothing against OCB except for the fact I have no self control when I’m at a buffet.  I almost ate that place out of business.  I get so excited in buffets and eat an unhealthy amount.  When I’m stuffed…it’s not time to quit..it’s time for a plate of 9302 desserts.   I know…I suck.  Mmmmmm chocolate fountain…you’re so evil!

Eating is totally my weakness when trying to stay healthy.  I have no ability to say no to food if it’s in front of me. 

I’ll blame this little incident on the boyfriend ;)

After eating, I tried on my new pants and couldn’t fit in them!!!


hahaha just kidding.  Sorry..that was mean.

Do you have self control when you go to a buffet or do you throw all rules out of the window, like me?

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!



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  1. hahaha.. sorry that was mean too. but I feel like that after a buffet too!!

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