Doberman Pinschers can decorate for Christmas too!

Even though it's becoming colder and colder every day, I can't help but love the feeling of Christmas.  My house is decorated for Christmas and I love the cozy feeling I have when I'm at home.  Now..if I could only figure out a way to not spend most of my time at the office then I'd be set!

I was admiring some of my fun IU ornaments (Go Hoosiers!)....



And Max was all up in my business.  I decided to let him have a part in Christmas decorating too...



haha what a good sport.

Yesterday was time to tackle leg day on Day 51 of my program.  I had a rough week last week on the workout front.  I felt like I was overwhelmed by how much I was working out and wasn't seeing a ton of changes like I did the first month.  This week (Week eight) has been the opposite.  I feel like I look better and the scale keeps dropping! Ryan said he's never seen me look so fit and I still have 4 1/2 weeks to go in the trainer :)  waahooo!

Day 51 took me about 50 minutes to complete and I shed a little over 400 calories in that time.  I seriously had sweat dripping down my face from leg day.  I love that I can get a great workout in on leg days without even touching a treadmill. 


Here's my workout for the day.  Even if you're not doing this program but have 50 minutes to do a workout, you should try this one!

I still don't understand how to do walkign barbell 'double' lunges so I did my revised lunges where I lunge forward with left and backwards with left.  Then lunge forward with right and backward with right...did that for 20 lunges with a 20lb barbell on my back.

For Barbell Step Ups..I used a 30lb barbell and stepped onto a bench.  I would like to do more weight but honestly it's hard for me to get a bigger weight up and over my shoulders.  I can mange 40 but anything above that is pretty harsh.

For the seated calf raises, I ended up doing seated calf extensions and I did about 120lbs.  For standing calf raises I only could do 60lbs.  I don't know why, but when I do the standing calf raises, it hurts my spine and lower back a lot.  I'm worried about this.  I may try to replace those with another calf exercise.  I'd hate to end up like Ryan and hurt my back too! I think it's the pressure from the machine on my shoulders.  I have a really bad back to start with (a chiropractor literally laughed at my xrays when he started to look at them!!).

Thank goodness tomorow is Friday.  It's TGIAF today.  Thank God It's Almost Friday!!






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