I Carry A Pager At The Gym

For the past few days it has seemed like it hasn't stopped raining and last night we had our first SNOW.  Yuck!!! I hate snow so much.  I know when I get older I'm gonna become a snow bunny and travel to Florida or somewhere warmer when it gets cold. I went to the gym when it started snowing.  My car had no snow on it when I went into the gym.  I came out to this....


It was covered in sleet.  I hate knowing that this is only the BEGINNING of a long winter.  I'll have to pray to the snow ferries that they don't drop a lot of snow this year.

Last night, after work, I completed Jamie Eason's Live Fit Day 50 - Arms, Abs and Cardio.  I felt like this was somewhat a milestone for me.  I've never stayed on a workout plan for this long! I always end up quitting after a couple weeks.  I'm now in week 8 of my program.  I have this week and then 4 more weeks to go! I CAN DO IT!

The workout listed seemed super long.  I thought I'd be in the gym for about 2 hours, but it ended only taking about an hour and a half.


Yes, that's a PAGER in the background.  I live in the 80's.  It's the pager I have to carry around at the gym all the time.  I feel like such a tool.  For my full time job, I work at a hospital. They require me to be on-call for two weeks at a time for 24/7.  I'm two weeks on call, then two weeks off, then back to on-call.  It blows.  I don't usually mind carrying it when I have a purse or jeans on, but when I'm at the gym I'm not going to clip it onto my spandex or sportsbra!  Ugghh...the unglamorous life of an I.T. nerd!

A few notes about my workout:

- Narrow pushups - I still hate you and think it will be a lifelong hatred.  I still use my knees to do these badboys.

- Skull Crushers & Narrow Bench Press Superset - I used a 20lb barbell for the crushers and quickly switched to a 30lb barbell for the narrow bench press.  If you hold your hands close for the bench, you can really feel it burn in your triceps!

- Barbell 21's - I used a 20lb barbell again.  It was a bit easier for me this time than last, but not easy enough to go up to a 30lb barbell!  21 reps is a LOT!!!

- Stability Ball Reverse Crunches - I don't understand you so I did reverse crunches on the bench.  Damn those burn.

- Jackknife sit ups on stability ball - I REALLY don't understand you and hate everything with the word jackknife in it..so I did 3 sets of 15 romain chair leg lifts instead. 

After the lifting, I did 30 min of medium intensity cardio.  I did 15 min on the treadmill at 3.8mph and a 3 incline.  Then I hopped onto the eliptical for 15 minutes.  This was the first time I tried to do moderate cardio on the eliptical and I felt like I was going SO SLOW!! (not that my treadmill is any less embarrasing at medium).  My heart rate was hard to get below 150 on the eliptical.  I couldn't maintain a steady fat-burning pace.

After almost every workout, I use this machine they have at our gym to measure our bodies.  It's the Lifestyle Life Center.  It measures your heart rate, weight, BMI, Blood pressure and bodyfat in a few minutes.  It tracks all your stats online too :)


 The one main thing I like to monitor is my bodyfat percentage.  These things aren't that accurate though so I take my number with a grain of salt.

The way it measures bodyfat is by gripping the silver sensors below the screen for about 15 seconds... 


Last night, my bodyfat percentage was at 18.69.  Not the best.  It's been lower for sure.  Oh well. 


 Did you ever have a pager when you were younger? I did! I had one in jr. high.  They are so pointless if you don't have a cell phone to call people back on. haha I thought I was so cool :)



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  1. says

    Yes, snow is the worst. It makes me transform into a 90 year old woman who can hardly see past the hood of the car and over the steering wheel, and frankly, a danger to all those around me.
    And dude, I had a pager in high school and I thought I was the. COOLEST.
    I was not. But it was fun to have a pager back then. I can definitely see how it would be cumbersome nowadays.

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