Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer Review – Weeks 1 and 2

Hello all!  As I mentioned, I have started the Jamie Eason LiveFit 12 week trainer.  I know I am late to post my review, however I'll try to stay more up to date with it.

Here's a glimpse as to what weeks one and two consisted of:

Week 1 -

Prior to the trainer, I had spent about two weeks getting my body ready for it.  I knew that it was going to be an intense program that would challenge my muscles in a way they have never been challenged.  I spent a few days those weeks to do light full body workouts.  I tried to lift every muscle a couple times in hopes that I wouldn't get too sore during my training.

Did I still get sore? YOU BET! Week one left me walking around like a moron! I was ms. gimpy all week and couldn't push or pull anything after some of the workouts.  The first day..yes the FIRST day, I had to do a bazillion pushups.  Okay..maybe not a bazillion, but 72.  That's a sh*t ton of pushups.  I couldn't remember the last time I tried to do pushups because I know how much I hate them.  Needless to say, my pushups were done on my knees and were still a huge challenge! 

Here's the day 1 workout:

Way to stick it to us hard right away, Jamie! This was definitly my most memorable workout of week 1.  Aside from the workout, I really tried to start cleaning up my diet.  I'm not following Jamie's food plan, but I'm trying to just eat healthier than I was prior to the trainer.

Week 2:

Week two started off again with that same damn pushup routine that haunted me the week before.  I got through it a little easier this time, however I still did the pushups on my knees. Yep, I do the "girly" ones and I'm okay with it now.

Week 2 was fine for me.  I made it to every workout, ate clean cleaner, and was a little less of a gimpy walking around.  I was still constantly sore, but it was a little better than week 1.

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  1. Tammy Baxter says

    I was so looking forward to starting your program tomorrow, but I cannot open any of the weeks or days. Is there a certain software or program that I may need? This is a brand new lap top so I am sure it has all the most recent stuff on it, so it MUST be opperator error.

    Thank you for your attention

    Tammy Baxter

    • Erin says

      Uh oh! No there is no software or anything you need to see the program. Its just listed on a website. I hope you get it figured out!!!

  2. Dee says

    So I just finished day 1 yesterday and couldn’t even do the narrow pushups, I think it was the 4th exercise I did and my arms were jello, I just fell forward! This will be a long 12 wks I had no idea I was so weak! I think I will take a cue from you and journal my progress!

    • Erin says

      Oh my gosh, I rememeber my first day…I felt the same way!! I couldn’t even come close to doing all the pushups. If I remember correctly it totaled up to like 72 pushups the first day!! Don’t worry if you can’t do them all, just push yourself to do as many as you can!

  3. says

    I just finished day 1! Super excited about this, thanks for sharing your journey through it. I found that the workout 1 only took me about 30 minutes to get through. I think the website said most workouts would take 1 hour. Do you think I might have gone through it too fast?

  4. Maria says

    Hi erin! 🙂
    i saw that on bodybuilding.com theres another workout called fat loss for women 20-39 yrs? Do you think that program would yield better fatloss results than THIS program? 🙂 thanks! I weigh 202 & have 60 pounds to lose by january 2013! (8 months)

    • says

      Exciting! I love when Bodybuilding.com comes out with new programs. I haven’t heard much 12 week burning the fat for 20-39 program. http://www.bodybuilding.com/guides/female-20to39-fat-loss/intro. I’m sure it’s a good one, but I can only tell you that LiveFit is a great program because I’ve completed it. I don’t want to say the fat loss program is good if I haven’t tried it. It looks like it has much more cardio invovled than LiveFit. I’d love to hear what program you decide to do! Keep me updated and good luck!!

  5. MEGAN says

    Hi, I was just curious, is it imperative to not do cardio ? I try to include cardio in all of my workouts and really would like to do this workout with cardio? Do you think its okay?

    • says

      Don’t do cardio. Stick to her plan. If cardio is required for your job or something like that, you could increase your calories.

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